About Our capabilities

One of the things that makes DeMarco Interactive so unique is its range of capabilities and how well each part of the process integrates with the other. For example, a web page designer needs to understand how his designs will be broken up into individual graphics, how these graphics will be controlled by scripting, and how the server will efficiently manage and send all of this to the user. Simply producing a pretty mockup is not enough. At DeMarco Interactive we intimately understand the entire web development process from concept to production and use this knowledge to create online applications which are seamlessly assembled.

Below is a list of the areas in which we excel. If you are looking for a design/development house to help you with any of the following, please feel free to contact us today.

  • Web Design

    If you are looking to create or redesign a website or online application, DeMarco Interactive has years of experience producing award-winning user-interfaces and page layouts for small business and large companies with Fortune 500 and Inc 500 distinctions.

  • Web Development

    If you need to produce a website or online application - from a basic brochure-style website to a dynamic, multi-user website and everything in between - DeMarco Interactive can help determine your needs and get the right site built for you.

    The specific tools of this part of our trade include Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, ActionScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and XML, just to name a few. We also have expertise working with social media, search, and map APIs which can deliver rich, real-time information to your website.

  • Web Hosting and Email

    For DeMarco Interactive clients, we provide complete web hosting solutions to fit the needs of your project. Hosting services can range from small plans designed to get a low-traffic site up and running at an affordable price to larger, dedicated server plans able to support large volumes of user traffic. DeMarco Interactive doesn't offer pre-set hosting packages but instead determines the requirements of your site, both now and down the road, and builds a custom-tailored plan to fit your needs.

    We can also meet your email needs. From a standard email service enabling you to check mail through Outlook, web interface and/or mobile device to something more advanced like Microsoft Exchange, DeMarco Interactive can help get you set up with addresses @yourdomain.com.

  • Graphics and Illustration

    Whether you're looking to add emphasis to your website with illustrations, icons or graphics or you're preparing something for print – DeMarco Interactive can help you. We've provided satisfied customers with online and printed artwork for websites, iTunes music, CDs, business cards, books and wedding invitations.