About The Process

The DeMarco Interactive creative process is individually tailored to fit the particular needs of each client and project. So while each experience will be slightly unique, below is an outline of what you might expect to encounter while working with us.

  • Initial Consultation/Discussion

    This step is typically a phone call or in-person meeting. The client communicates the goals of the project, initial ideas are tossed back and forth and questions are asked. Once both parties feel they have a clear idea of what to expect, DeMarco Interactive will go off to prepare an estimate.

  • Estimate/Proposal

    The estimate/proposal is a document outlining project deliverables, costs, and due-dates. This is usually sent out within a day or two of the initial consultation and prepared at no cost to the client. At this point there might be another round of questions/answers, typically via email or phone. Once the proposal has been accepted, the client pays DeMarco Interactive the first half of the proposed project cost. When payment has been received DeMarco Interactive will begin the Design Phase.

  • Design Phase

    During the Design Phase, flat, Photoshop mockups are prepared for the client so that they can get an idea of what the project's final look-and-feel will be. Oftentimes two or more design directions will be presented to the client to choose from. Once the final design direction has been made and modifications agreed upon, the Development Phase begins.

  • Development Phase

    During the Development Phase, DeMarco Interactive breathes life into the flat mockups born from the Design Phase and the final product begins to take shape. The client is kept in the loop during this phase to make sure that things are coming along as they had expected. Tweaks and changes which fall within the agreed-upon project scope are made during this process and ultimately the finished product is presented to the client.

  • Launch Phase

    Once the project has been completed it is "pushed live" for the world to see and final payment from the client is due.